Our firm’s philosophy is that its most important asset is its people. People provide clients with service. People manage technology, obtain equipment and supplies, and manage all of the other necessities of operating a law firm.

We constantly seek people who have great character and work ethic, are intelligent and are dedicated to fulfilling commitments. Our attorneys and other employees look for opportunities to help their co-workers and are genuinely pleased to see the accomplishments of others.

Our goal is to provide unique opportunities to people who have the personal characteristics that are valued in our profession.

We pay competitive compensation and provide excellent benefits, such as retirement, paid employee health insurance, paid employee disability insurance, paid life insurance, health savings account contribution, paid vacation, sick leave and personal days, membership dues for approved professional organizations, continuing legal education, and paid parking. We provide objective performance incentives to associates to assure that we fairly compensate performance that is above and beyond normal stated expectations.

Ayres, Shelton, Williams, Benson & Paine, LLC is always pleased to accept applications for associate attorneys who would like to practice in the areas of litigation, business transactions, oil and gas or tax, or who would like to practice as contract attorneys. We are pleased to consider lateral hires. Law student applicants should be in the top one-third of their class and should include information concerning grade point average and class rank in a resume.

We employ paralegals, secretaries and file clerks/runners. While prior legal experience is considered, we look for persons who are very intelligent and willing to learn, along with an excellent attitude and professional demeanor.

Our needs are constantly growing. Please apply in confidence by calling our office and speaking with any of our members.